Performance Report – Q1 Year 2 – June 2017

ISA balance stands at £187,951 as at end of Q1 in year 2 of the project. That brings the grand total profit for the Quarter to a resounding…………..£186.

That’s a lot of effort for £186!

So what did I get wrong? A few things went down (Glencore, Next) a few things didn’t move when I thought they would (Sports Direct, BTG) and one moved up significantly (INSE) – but unfortunately just after I’d sold it.

This was a tough quarter to call. Continued political unrest at home and abroad – in particular the issue with the Saudi’s and the Qataris would normally lead to a pop up in the Oil price – not this time it would appear – we saw 6 month lows last week – the opposite of what I’d predicted.

Easy to let a quarter like this get to you – if you do, you’re not going to last as everyone has bad months, quarters and even years from time to time.

Back to the books. I’ll see if I can dig one out on patience….